2017 Street Improvement Program


2017 Street Improvement Program

The Village of Morton Grove is pleased to announce the commencement of the 2017 Street Improvement Program.  This year’s program has been awarded to Schroeder Asphalt Services, Inc.

The work will generally consist of repairing segments of curb and gutter, repairing utility structures, patching the pavement base, replacing the pavement surface, restoring disturbed driveway aprons, restoring parkway turf, and other incidental work.


The work will be performed in the various segments listed shown on the map above between the months of June and September.  We do not yet have the Contractor’s schedule for order of work by location therefore we do not yet know when the work will occur on any specific street.  Abutting property owners will receive letter notifications of the schedule once that is known as well as other steps in the construction process.

Street Segments:

1. Narragansett Ave – Dempster St to Hennings Ct
2. Parkside Ave – On -Street Parking
3. Major Ave – On -Street Parking
4. Palma Ln - Ozanam Ave to Ozanam Ave
5. Overhill Ave - Beckwith Rd to Palma Ln
6. Moody Ave - Dempster St to Lake St
7. Meade St - Green wood Ave to Lake St
8. Green wood St - Meade Ave to Dead End East
9. Davis St - Mason Ave to Marmora Ave
10. Central Ave - Dempster St to Green wood S
11. Morton Ave - Lincoln Ave to South Park Ave
12. Grove Ct - Morton Ave to Austin Ave
13. Menard St - Lincoln Ave to Theobald Ave

During construction, the Contractor will usually post “No Parking” signs a day before work begins on a street segment.  Vehicles parked in the construction zone with posted “No Parking” signs may be towed at owner’s expense.  Parking will be permitted on adjacent streets.  Streets will generally remain open and drivable during all construction operations and temporary street parking for loading and unloading will be permitted whenever possible.

The Village has other programs to maintain streets that are performed by contractors: cracksealing program, concrete replacement program, and street patching program. The cracksealing program was completed in 2 days in May on various streets. The concrete replacement program will be performed during June and after September at roughly 100 different, spot locations (not street segments). The street patching program has not yet been developed, but it estimated to be performed during 2 or 3 days in August. You can find out more about annual street maintenance programs by visiting the Public Works webpage or by contacting the Public Works Department at 847-470-5235.

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