Community and Economic Development

This purpose of this department is to coordinate land use planning, commercial and mixed-use redevelopment, and commercial revitalization, in order to promote a comprehensive redevelopment strategy for the Village. The primary focus of this department is economic development, including the following tasks:
  • Retention and recruitment of new industrial and commercial businesses
  • Job retention and creation
  • Creation of community shopping and dining opportunities for residents
  • Promote development of various housing options.

This department strives to strengthen the local business climate and to improve the quality-of-life for Village residents based on the following goals:

  • Maintain the diversity of land uses within the Village while encouraging redevelopment that meets future needs of the community and builds upon existing commercial uses.
  • Provide and maintain an attractive community that creates a positive public image and encourages individuals, families, and businesses to locate and invest in the community.
  • Improve the quality of life for residents through enhanced shopping and dining opportunities and increased local tax revenues as a result of expanding the community's economic base.


The Community and Economic Development Director serves as the primary advocate for local commercial and industrial businesses.

This Department is responsible for a broad array of economic development activities throughout the Village including: oversight of various economic incentives including tax increment financing; promotion of available commercial and industrial space to the business and real estate communities; pre-development planning for the Lehigh-Ferris and Waukegan Road Redevelopment Districts, including oversight of bond issuance, selection of developers, and coordination of roadway, transit, and infrastructure improvements; coordination of streetscaping improvements to Dempster Street and Waukegan Road, the Village’s two primary commercial corridors; implementation of a Façade Improvement Program; updating of the Comprehensive Plan, and attraction of new investment in the transit-oriented area surrounding the Metra commuter rail station. Each of these activities are coordinated with the Administrator and other staff members.

This department is also responsible for the promotion of new housing opportunities that are affordably-priced.

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