Economic Development Strategic Plan

In October 2008, the Village Trustees approved a strategic plan to guide the future economic development efforts of the Village. This long-term Strategic Plan recognizes that local economic development requires ongoing efforts and flexibility to adapt and respond to regional, national, and global changes. The Plan seeks to build upon the Village's existing strengths and to improve upon areas of opportunity in an effort to continue the outstanding quality of life for residents and to retain an environment where businesses can prosper.

This long-range strategic plan identifies four key economic goals and identifies several strategies that can be considered to achieve these goals.

The primary goals include:

  1. Retain, expand and attract commercial and industrial businesses
  2. Promote general economic development and business growth
  3. Expand municipal revenue sources
  4. Redevelop commercial corridors to restore viability as shopping districts

This strategic plan was prepared by the Village's advisory Economic Development Commission, chaired by Mr. John Pietron. The Commission drafted the plan in 2007 and 2008 with extensive input from local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, and local residents. The plan identifies strategies to consider in the future. The plan is written in a flexible manner so that the achievement of these goals can be pursued based on the economic, social, and development conditions that are present in future times. It is not intended to obligate or restrict future options of the Village, but rather, this plan sets a general direction for the Village's economic future.

To view the Strategic Plan in its entirety, please click HERE. To view a summary presentation of the Strategic Plan, please click HERE.