Play MG Bingo and win 1 of 5 $20 gift cards. Blackout your Bingo Card and get a chance at a $50 gift card.  COMING SOON.


The Village of Morton Grove Economic Development Commission is launching the first MGBingo contest! MGBingo is a fun way for residents and visitors to discover and support different local businesses and key features of the Morton Grove Community – AND players can enter to win a gift card! #MGBingo2018 #IncrediblyCloseAmazinglyOpen



  1. Residents and visitors can either download the official MGBingo Card from the Village website or pick up paper cards at Village Hall, MG Library or MG Park District. The cards look like a traditional bingo card and they encourage players to "Pamper yourself with a Mani or Pedi," "Walk, run or bike through the Forest Preserve" or maybe enjoy a “Date Night” within Morton Grove.
  2. MGBingo is played like regular Bingo – you need to “cover” (a/k/a Complete the tasks for) 5 squares in a row (across, down or diagonally) to complete a Basic MGBingo.  Players can also achieve the Ultimate MGBingo “Blackout” by completing ALL of the squares on the Bingo Card. NOTE: Each completed square/task must be at a separate and distinctive business or location within Morton Grove, and must be completed the soon to be announced time frame.
  3. Players should snap a photo at each location and post those on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the hashtag #MGBingo2018. To help promote the local business or attraction, players are strongly encouraged to tag the local establishment in the Tweet, or Instagram/Facebook post.  Each photo should include a distinguishing feature to clearly identify the location (i.e. the business, park, etc.)
  4. Once the player completes an MGBingo, they should upload their photos to the MGBingo Contest page on the Village Website ( or email their marked up Bingo card along with their photos to  Players who are not active on social media can participate by submitting their completed Bingo cards, with digital copies of photos and any associated receipts to the Village of Morton Grove.
  5. Everyone who completes a Basic MGBingo will be entered into a drawing for a $20 gift card.  A total of five gift cards will be awarded to the lucky winners of the Basic MGBingo drawing.  In addition, the first four (4) Ultimate Bingo “Black-out” participants to submit their completed cards to the Village of Morton Grove will automatically be awarded a $50 gift card! 
  6. The game will run from: time frame to be announced soon.  Visits to the Morton Grove businesses and key locations within the community must be made during this time.
  7. The drawing for the five gift cards for the Basic MG Bingo participants will be held at a Village Board Meeting.  The four automatic winners of the Ultimate MGBingo will also be announced at that time. 
Check back after Morton Grove Days for all the Complete Rules and Regulations!