Proposed Dempster/Waukegan Redevelopment Area

ProposedDempsterWaukeganMiniMapSmallClick here to see the PowerPoint presentation from the January 30, 2012 community workshop meeting.

Click here to see the Questions & Answers summary from the January 30, 2012 community workshop meeting and the April 30, 2012 public hearing.

Click here to see images of other redeveloped properties in the region owned by Federal Construction.

Click here for a list of public meetings where the proposed Dempster-Waukegan Redevelopment Area has been reviewed and discussed.

Draft ordinances for the TIF (PDF)

The Dempster/Waukegan Redevelopment Plan has been filed with the Village of Morton Grove as of 2-29-2012.

The Dempster/Waukegan Public Hearing Presentation is now available.

Email if you have questions or comments concerning the proposed Dempster – Waukegan Redevelopment Area.

For more information about Tax Increment Financing, go to or download a primer on TIFs in Morton Grove.