Fire Department


Mission Statement
The Primary Mission of the Morton Grove Fire Department is to provide a range of programs designed to EDUCATE the business and residential community in the principles of prevention, and to TRAIN the people who serve our Community, thereby PROTECTING the Lives and Property of the citizens of our Village from the adverse effect of FIRES, SUDDEN MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, or exposure to DANGEROUS CONDITIONS created either by Man or Nature.

Vision Statement
To strive to achieve a level of service that consistently surpasses our customer's expectations in the delivery of traditional and non-traditional fire and emergency medical services. With a focus on enhancing the quality of life in the Village of Morton Grove as an unrivaled partner and ultimate resource to the jurisdiction.

Protection through Prevention & Preparedness

Core Values

2016 Goals

1.         Continue to provide efficient and economical services to the community consistent with the values and standards expressed in the mission of the Department and the directives of Village leadership.

a.         Coordinate with Department supervisors and staff support personnel to evaluate and effectively manage the day-to-day operations of the Department.

b.         Strive to maintain a value structure in the Department that emphasizes teamwork, trust, loyalty, compassion and excellence in service to the community.

c.         Continued management of the Village’s Radio Alarm Network (RAN) by Fire Prevention Bureau and refinement of the established program and technology to meet the needs of the community.

d.         Evaluate and continue contemporary training programs for Department personnel to support operational need and the safety and well being of our personnel.

e.         Endeavor to accomplish the goals and objectives of IRMA programs and recommendations with regard to injury prevention as a department and as part of the Village’s safety program.

f.          Continued review and incorporation of domestic and disaster preparedness operations through the coordination of the Village’s Emergency Management objectives.

2.         Enhance efficiency and cost containment of operations at Fire Department facilities.

a.        Work closely with line officers and personnel to coordinate the development of operational spaces to provide efficiency and readiness.

b.         Coordinate with the Building Department to effectively maintain department facilities in order to extend the life cycle of facility components and reduce repair and replacement costs.

c.         Analyze the use of regionally purchased supplies and the pooling of resources with other agencies to cost effectively operate the Department's facilities.

3.         Continue an active role in the development of cost containment and regional programs with an eye toward the conservation of resources and maintenance of safety, efficiency and effectiveness in Department operations.

a.        Work with other area fire departments to develop specifications for the group purchase of communications equipment, apparatus, suppression equipment and operational supplies and services.

b.         Take an active role in the support and development of regional intergovernmental programs that provide enhanced community services in a cost effective manner.  Emphasis will be placed on integrated response operations with the Niles Fire Department.  Efforts to transition newly admitted members into RED Center will continue.

4.         Continue to administer a comprehensive officer development program to improve operational efficiency through enhanced communication of roles, responsibilities and methods of leadership. Efforts will be toward the continued development of an accountability partnership in departmental management while also providing enhanced ISO credit for officer training.

a.         Coordinate with the training officer to develop lesson plans to facilitate officer training for both existing and future officers.

b.         Formulate a resource effective training plan on a local and/or regional basis to provide this activity in as cost effective a manner as possible

5.         Continue with the review and updating of the Department's rules, regulations and operational guidelines.

a.         Work with Village and departmental staff to develop personnel and operational standards providing consistency of performance in the Department.

b.         Develop policies that provide an objective means for measuring work performance while fostering efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

c.         Cooperate in the development of emergency response and operational procedures on a regional basis to ensure safety during automatic and mutual aid incidents.

6.         Continue evaluation of equipment, quality control systems and computer hardware/software that impact data retrieval and the compilation of information necessary for effective departmental operations and planning.  This effort will include placing a new Medium Duty Advanced Life Support Ambulance in service by the end of 2016.

7.         Continue to actively manage and enhance the Village’s wireless fire alarm network in an effort to expand its footprint and contain the cost of transmitting fire alarm signals to RED Center.