Garbage and Recycling

Groot Recycling and Waste Services, Inc., is under contract with the Village to remove all acceptable and properly prepared recyclables along with appropriate "regular" garbage. Removal of yard waste is at an individual homeowner’s expense. Appropriate Morton Grove yard waste stickers are required for this service.

Regular pick-up days for garbage, recycling, and yard waste are:
Tuesday: east of the North Branch of the Chicago River.
Wednesday: west of the North Branch of the Chicago River.

Collection Program Highlights

  • Residents now have the option to upgrade their current 65-gallon recycle cart to a 95-gallon recycle cart. Contact Groot to schedule at 800-244-1977.
  • The first request will be at no charge and multiple requests from the same single family residence will incur a $25.00 switch-out fee.
  • For residents East of the North Branch of the Chicago River are serviced on Tuesday, residents West of the North Branch are serviced Wednesday, once per week.
  • Residents will continue to use their current 65 or 35-gallon cart for refuse and 95 or 65 gallon cart for recycling.

95 & 65 Gallon Recycle Carts

   95 & 65 Gallon Recycle Carts

Unlimited Standard Refuse Service: Service includes collection of unlimited household garbage. Additional refuse beyond the 65/35-gallon cart may be placed in containers not exceeding 32 gallons. One bulk item (non-appliance) will be collected each week for no additional charge. Refuse and recycling is required to be out by 6:00 a.m. on collection day.

Carts: Residents will continue to use their current carts for refuse and recycling. The two carts need to be placed four feet apart with the handles facing the house on collection day. Lost, damaged or stolen containers will be replaced by Groot by calling 800-244-1977. Additional refuse carts may be rented for an annual fee. Please call Groot for more information.

Residents now have the option to upgrade their cur-rent 65-gallon recycle cart to a 95-gallon recycle cart at no additional charge. The 95-gallon cart will be optional to each single family residence. In the event that any customer receiving a 95-gallon recycle cart desires to switch back to a 65-gallon recycle cart, there shall be no charge to do so. Multiple requests from the same single family residence will incur a $25.00 switch-out fee.

Stop/Restart Groot Service (Vacation Hold): Residents may elect to have their Groot service interrupted for a full month, beginning on the first and cannot be prorated. Return the service request application to the Village Hall.

Electronics Recycling

SWANCC provides environmentally-responsible recycling programs for end-of-life computers and electronics for residents of Morton Grove and other member communities.

In 2012, Illinois adopted legislation that prohibits the landfilling of "Covered Electronics", such as computers, CRT-tubed monitors & televisions, and printers.  Additionally, there are other items “Eligible Electronic Devices” that can be recycled in SWANCC’s program.  As the electronics legislation has evolved and changed this year, the following items will no longer be taken at SWANCC events or permanent drop off locations:

▪ Calculators

▪ Cameras

▪ Microwaves

▪ Power tools/cords

▪ Shredders

▪ Small home appliances (blenders, coffee makers, lamps, etc.)

▪ Stereo equipment

▪ Typewriters

If these items aren’t worthy of donation (see SWANCC’s Reuse and Recycling Directory at for possible outlets), they can be thrown away in the garbage.  Metal scrap yards will take microwaves and often get picked up from households by alley scrappers when put out before garbage day.

Do not drop off electronics other than during posted dates and times. For more details, please visit the Agency’s website at

Glenview Transfer Station
3 Providence Way, Des Plaines
Across from the Maryville Academy
Saturdays: 9:00 am - 11:30 am
Year round collection

Hoffman Estates Village Hall
1900 Hassel Road, Hoffman Estates
Mondays: 10:00am - noon
Spring through Fall

Mount Prospect Public Works
1700 W. Central Road, Mount Prospect
Wednesdays: 10:00am – noon
Spring through Fall

Winnetka Public Works
1390 Willow Road, Winnetka
Thursdays: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Spring through Fall

E-Waste: As of January 1, 2012, certain electronic items are prohibited from being disposed of in Illinois landfills. Groot will collect, at the curb, up to six electronic items for $30.00. Contact Groot at 800-244-1977 to schedule a collection.

E-Waste Materials Are Defined By Illinois Law
As Follows:

• Computers & Monitors • Cable Receivers
• Video Game Consoles • Fax Machines
• Electronic Mice • Small Scale Servers
• Printers • Satellite Receivers
• Scanners • VCR’s
• Televisions • DVD Players
• Converter Boxes • DVR Recorders
• Electronic Keyboards • Digital Music Players


Holidays Observed:

New Year’s Day Labor Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day
4th of July Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on a weekday, on or before your scheduled collection, service will be delayed by one day for the remainder of the holiday week. If the holiday falls on Sunday, it will be observed on Mon-day and service will be delayed one day the entire week.

Bulk & Oversized Item Disposal: Service includes collection of one (1) bulk item (not appliances or oversized/overweight items) per week at no additional cost. For additional bulk items, residents should call Groot to schedule a pick-up in advance.

Bulk items include: boxes, barrels, crates, furniture, and similar items that do not fit into a proper container and can be safely collected/lifted by one driver without assistance. Exceptions include items which are banned from direct disposal into a landfill. (Appliances, tires, car batteries, televisions and other electronic waste).

Oversized and overweight items are any single large or extra heavy item that requires Groot to schedule a special pick-up. An example of an oversized item is a piano or any item that requires two or more people to safely lift. There will be an additional cost for oversized items.



Home Remodeling or Spring Cleaning?
Call Groot to order a roll-off dumpster at
800-244-1977 or visit our website at to order online.




Landscape Waste: Groot offers the residents of Morton Grove landscape waste stickers in the amount of $2.26 per sticker or 5 for $11.30 for the 2019 season. The sticker must to be affixed to each 30-gallon biodegradable bag or 32-gallon (not weighing more than 50 pounds) container containing landscape.

  • Landscape materials are collected on your regular collection day.
  • Landscape which is too bulky to be placed in a bag, such as branches or brush must be securely tied, (with biodegradable twine) bundled not to exceed 4 feet in length, no larger than 2 feet in diameter and weigh no more than 45 lbs.
  • Landscape materials will be collected March 19th through December 11th for 2019.
  • Acceptable landscape includes: grass clippings, leaves, branches, brush, garden plants, flowers, weeds, vines, bark pieces, garden vegetables and garden fruit.
  • Unacceptable landscape includes: fence posts, railroad ties, firewood, sod, earth and rocks.
  • Christmas trees will be removed after the holidays on your regular collection day. No sticker is required.
  • No plastic bags may be used for landscape waste.


Landscape Sticker Retailer:
Village of Morton Grove | 6101 Capulina Avenue
Jewel Food Store (at Milwaukee & Oakton)
Walgreens | 5730 Dempster Street
Walgreens | 9301 Waukegan Road
Morton Grove Food Mart (at Lincoln & Marmora).

lawn leaf bag

Please visit to view our NEW video “The Future of Recycling” to learn how your recycling is processed and reused!

Single-Sort Recycling Program: Unlimited recyclable materials are collected on your primary day of service. Materials do not need to be separated and are separated at Groot’s recycling processing plant. Please place only approved items in the recycling cart. The collector is trained to check the contents of the cart. If there are foreign materials present, the cart will be left with a violation notice.

PLASTIC ITEMS: All plastic bottles and containers with numbers 1 through 5 & 7 may be recycled. Please do not place any plastic bags (i.e. grocery, kitchen) in the recycling cart. Return plastic bags to your grocery store.


• aluminum cans • aluminum foil
• steel or tin cans • aluminum baking trays
• empty aerosol cans  


• bottles and jars only
• brown, green and clear glass

No mirrors, window glass or porcelain accepted


• Office Paper (printer paper, school papers)
• Newspaper (all newspaper inserts acceptable)
• Magazines, Catalogs (glossy and non-glossy) and
• Telephone Directories, Kraft brown paper bags, paper grocery bags
• Corrugated Cardboard - Flattened
• Paperboard/Chipboard (cereal, pasta, soda or clothing boxes.)
• Aseptic Containers - Juice & milk cartons


• Non-paper materials and paper materials may be commingled (mixed together) in the recycling cart.
• For automated collection, carts must be kept 10 feet from parkway trees, mail boxes and 4 feet from other carts.
• Flatten all corrugated cardboard boxes and paper-board/chipboard in 2'x2' sections, and remove any non-paper packing material.
• Materials that exceed cart capacity may be placed in paper bags and placed beside the cart.
• Contact Groot to replace a damaged or lost cart.
Do not place recyclable materials in plastic bags nor use plastic or silver duct tape.
• Crush cans and plastic bottles to save space and
recycle more.


Construction/Demolition Debris: All material must be cut to no more than 4 feet in length and no larger than 2 feet in diameter. For the safety of the collector, all debris must be bagged or bundled and free of nails and sharp objects not exceeding 45 pounds. Carpet must be cut up in four foot lengths not exceeding 45 pounds per roll. 1 cubic yard will be taken at no charge per collection day, each additional cubic yard will be a cost of $18.00.

Appliances: White goods such as: refrigerators, freezers, ovens, washers, air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, dryers, water heaters, water softeners, dishwashers, stoves, ranges, furnaces, etc. requires a special pick-up and separate disposal is required by the State of Illinois. Items will be picked up for $30.00 per appliance. Residents must call Groot at 800-244-1977 to schedule a pick-up in advance.

Solid Waste Items Not Collected: Illinois law prohibits the disposal of certain waste in landfills. In addition, other items should be disposed of by other methods. Please observe these regulations, or your trash will not be collected. Please visit for more information on how to dispose of these items. The following items are banned from landfills:

• Automobile Tires
• Automobile Batteries
• Explosive, Toxic, Hazardous & Volatile Waste
• Flammable Waste
• Gasoline, Motor Oil, Anti-Freeze
• Large Automobile Parts & Wheels
• Acids & Poisons
• Swimming Pool Chemicals
• CFL Bulbs, Florescent Bulbs
• Electronic Waste