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Residents or businesses who choose to install a burglar alarm system are required to file an alarm user application and pay the $50.00 alarm user fee in order to have the privilege and ability to operate an alarm system on or in any building structure located within the corporate limits of the Village of Morton Grove. This fee may be transferred during the year to a new resident or owner of the premises provided no alterations are made to the alarm system. This fee is due yearly on the first day of January.

By installing an alarm system, alarm users agree to comply with all the requirements of Village Ordinance Title 6 Police Regulations Chapter 6 Alarm Systems and understand that they are subject to all fees and fines associated with ordinance.

For more information visit our Alarm FAQ page.


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To file in person or by mail, click here to download the Alarm User Application. Make checks payable to the Village of Morton Grove.

Mail to:
6101 Capulina Avenue
Morton Grove, IL 60053


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Alarm User: The person, family, household, firm, entity, partnership, association, corporation, company, organization or state, or subdivision thereof, in possession or control of any building, structure, facility or property in the village wherein an alarm system is currently being maintained or is hereinafter maintained.

Alarm User Fee: Is a fee paid to the Village of Morton Grove for the privilege and ability to operate an alarm system on or in any building, structure, or facility located within the corporate limits of the Village of Morton Grove.

False Alarm: Is an alarm signal eliciting a response by the Police or Fire Departments wherein an emergency situation does not, in fact exist, but does not include an alarm caused by violent conditions of nature (severe weather), power outages, or other extraordinary circumstances not reasonably subject to control by the alarm business operator or alarm user.


A.  User Fee Required: It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to lease, use, own an alarm system or be in control of premises where an alarm system is operated or maintained without first having paid a user fee to the Village of Morton Grove. The fee for an alarm user fee shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) per year. The user fee may be transferred during the year to a new resident or owner of the premises provided that no alterations are made to the alarm system. Government agencies shall be exempt from the user fee. (Ord. 01-22, 6-11-01)

B.3.  Keyholder Information: A statement listing the names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least three (3) persons responsible for the premises where the alarm system is located and who should be contacted to deactivate the alarm system.

C.  Term of User Fee: All user fees shall be due yearly on the first day of January. When an applicant activates an alarm after the expiration of part of the current calendar year the fee shall be prorated by quarters for each quarter or fraction thereof remaining within the calendar year.

D.  Updating Alarm System Application (file): It shall be unlawful for any alarm system user/owner to fail or refuse to amend its alarm system application (or file) within ten (10) days after any of the information required and contained therein becomes outdated and inaccurate or the alarm system is permanently taken out of service.


A.  False Alarms: Any alarm system which has more than three (3) false alarms within a calendar year shall subject the alarm user/owner to additional charges as follows:

4 thru 6 false alarm - $75 per false alarm
over 6 false alarms - $100 per false alarm

The above charges shall be paid to the Village within thirty (30) days from the invoice date requesting the additional charges. All unpaid false alarm fees will be referred to the authorized collection agency.

6-6-6:  AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE ALARM PROHIBITED: Any automatic telephone alarm installed and operative on the effective date of this Ordinance shall be and is hereby declared to be a nuisance. No person shall use or permit to be used or engage in the business of providing any telephone device or telephone attachment that automatically selects a public trunk line of the Police or Fire Department of the Village and then reproduces any prerecorded message to report any robbery, burglary, fire or other emergency. Any such automatic telephone alarm shall be removed by the owner thereof within thirty (30) days following the effective date of this article. Automatic telephone alarms not so removed shall be subject to abatement as a nuisance and is in direct violation of this ordinance.

6-6-7:  OUTSIDE RINGERS REGULATED: Local alarms are those alarms that sound audibly on the premises of the subscriber and are not connected to any central station. Local alarms shall not make a sound similar to that of sirens on emergency vehicles or of civil defense warning systems.

6-6-8:  ALARM SYSTEM DEACTIVATION REQUIREMENTS: All owners of alarm systems will be responsible for making arrangements with neighbors or other responsible parties to insure that the alarm system can be accessed for maintenance and turned off in case of malfunction or false alarm which would result in prolonged operation thereby creating a disturbance for neighboring property owners. Regardless of arrangements made, it shall be unlawful to cause or permit an alarm system to sound in excess of one (1) hour.

6-6-11:  PENALTIES: In addition to any fees, fines or other penalties established in this chapter, any person, firm or corporation convicted of a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall be fined an amount not to exceed five hundred ($500.00) dollars for each offense and each day such violation continues shall be considered a separate offense.


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If you would like to receive a complete copy of Village Ordinance Title 6 Chapter 6 Alarm Systems in the mail, please call the Morton Grove Police Department Alarm Services Section at (847) 663-3991 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To download a complete copy of the Village Ordinance or to view on-line click here.