Public Works

The Morton Grove Public Works Department maintains a well-trained staff of 36 full-time employees who serve as the backbone of all Village maintenance services. The department is comprised of four divisions (Street, Sewer/Water, Forestry and Engineering).
Street Division
The Street Division operates and maintains all of the at-grade and above-grade assets within the Village’s rights-of-way and alleys. The Village’s pavement network consists of 97 miles of streets, 14 miles of paved alleys and 5 off-street parking lots. Maintenance operations include street sweeping; landscaping; repairing pavement, pavement markings, and sidewalks and curbs; leaf collection; tree trimming, removal, and replacement; snow removal; ice control; storm damage cleanup. The Streets Division also purchases, maintains and disposes of all Village-owned vehicles (Police, Fire, Public Works, and Administration). In addition to Village-owned infrastructure, the Streets Division maintains 7 miles of State highways and a parking lot for Metra.
Water/Sewer Division
The Sewer/Water Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Village-owned water and sewer systems. The water system consists of two pumping stations with a combined storage capacity of 8.6 million gallons. The stations pump approximately 3.4 million gallons a day into 95 miles of water main that supply water to 1,050 Village-owned fire hydrants. The sewer system consists of 41 miles of sanitary sewers, 21 miles of combined sewers, and 45 miles of storm sewers. Maintenance operations include water main repair, leak location, meter installation, inspections, J.U.L.I.E. locates, maintenance and repair of all pumping station apparatus, hydrant maintenance, and daily, weekly, monthly, yearly water sampling. For more information see the Water Department's Consumer Confidence Report page.
Engineering Division 
The Engineering Division is responsible for design, inspection and administration of construction projects involving private and public infrastructure improvements. Additionally, managing the Village’s GIS (geographical information system) is another responsibility of the Engineering Division. The Engineering Division strives to proactively evaluate the Village’s infrastructure systems and identify long-term maintenance needs as well as to develop annual programs and projects to maintain or expand infrastructure systems. Most of these programs and projects are developed and administered by the Engineering Division. Construction standards controlling construction of improvements in the right-of-way or on Village property are established and revised by the Engineering Division. The Engineering Division is directly involved in procuring funding and/or administering contracts for projects performed within the Village using State or Federal money.
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