Homicide Update: The family of Anthony Del Barrio is looking for answers


The Morton Grove Police Department is still actively investigating the murder of Anthony Del Barrio who was killed on January 19th, 2019.  Mr. Del Barrio, who was found by residents in the area of the 8800 block of Oleander on January 20th with a gunshot wound, was believed to have walked to the location where he was found from approximately one block north. The Morton Grove Police Department is looking for any information regarding this incident.

As we continue to investigate this incident the family of Anthony Del Barrio is offering a reward of $2,500 while Crime Stoppers will offer an additional reward for information that will bring closure to this incident.  The family wishes to find out who is responsible for killing a man that they describe as a devoted family member that was looking to purchase a house for his mother.  This investigation will continue as we work towards finding the person responsible for ending Anthony’s life in such a tragic manner.  If anyone has information on this murder, please call the Morton Grove Police Department at (847) 470-5200.

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