Package Theft


Things you can do to prevent package theft

Picture1Purchasing online is quick and convenient but having packages delivered to your porch can be risky.
There are thieves who target homes, specifically in search of packages on the porch that are easy to take.
Don’t let thieves ruin your day protect your packages by planning ahead.
  1. Schedule deliveries for when you are home and require a signature.
    This extra insurance ensures that you won’t have packages piling up at your door unattended. Many delivery services will give you options for scheduling a package delivery.
  2. Have packages delivered to other locations where someone will be present.
    Delivering packages to your work increases visibility and reduces the chances that your packages might be swiped unexpectedly. You could also buddy up with a neighbor and ask them to watch for the delivery or ask them to accept the delivery for you.
  3. Monitor your front porch.
    Security cameras or video doorbells can be used to keep an eye on your packages, deterring thieves from grabbing them off of your property.
  4. Leave delivery drop-off instructions
    Leave a note specifying what less conspicuous spot you would like it left. Some frequent shoppers have even opted for a locked box on their front steps, and provided the delivery driver with the combination.