Metra Parking Information

Morton Grove’s Metra rail station is located at 8501 Lehigh Avenue, just south of Lincoln Avenue. This commuter rail line provides frequent access between the Village of Fox Lake in the far northern suburbs and Union Station in downtown Chicago. For more information about the train schedule, CLICK HERE.
Parking Locations - Nearly 400 parking spaces for commuters are provided near the Metra station. These spaces are located:
  • Within the parking lot adjacent to the station
  • Along the east side of Lehigh Avenue, south of the station
  • Along Elm Street, west of the station
Morton Grove Municipal Parking Lot - The Morton Grove Municipal Parking Lot is now available with annual, quarterly, and monthly fee structures. Click here for the application.
Pay for Parking by Phone with Passport Parking - Eliminate the need for cash and remove the hassle of waiting in line with Passport Parking. Call 847-380-4332 for Zone 303 or visit
Disability Parking - Parking spaces for those with physical disabilities are provided in the main parking lot, adjacent to the Metra station. As required by state law, a valid disability parking tag is required to park in these spaces.
Fees - The daily parking fee is $1.75 per day, payable with cash or credit card only.
Debit Cards will not be accepted after April 1, 2012 - Any balance remaining on the card will need to be used up by the April 1, 2012 cutoff date. Refunds for any balance will be paid by check after the card is surrendered at Village Hall and the balance is verified.
Overnight Parking - For more information about Metra commuter parking regulations in Morton Grove, including overnight parking and multiple-day parking, please contact the Police Department via the non-emergency phone number (847) 470-5200.
Bike to Metra
Several bicycle routes are provided on the North and South sides of the Metra Station. Click here for a guide to explain the convenient routes to access Metra on your bicycle.