Municipal Parking Zones

2016 Application is Pending



A.  Definitions:

MUNICIPAL PARKING ZONE: An off street parking area owned or maintained by the village where permitted vehicles may be temporarily parked free of charge or for the payment of an established fee as determined by the village administrator and posted on the village's website.

PARKING METER: A mechanical device located upon a public street, sidewalk, or at a designated METRA commuter parking area, or in a designated municipal parking zone which device records the payment of a fee or the deposit of currency, or the use of a fare card, for which parking privileges may be extended.

B.  Use Of Parking Space: It shall be unlawful for any person to park within or otherwise use a municipal parking zone of the village of Morton Grove except pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

C.  Parking Fee Required: No person shall park or cause to park any vehicle in a METRA commuter parking area, or a municipal parking zone or upon a public street equipped with a parking meter without paying the established fee. Any vehicle parked in the municipal parking zone located at 8550 Lehigh without displaying a parking permit for said parking zone shall be considered an unlawful vehicle and, in addition to any other penalty, shall be subject to towing pursuant to chapter 7 of this title. (Ord. 10-21, 11-22-2010)

D.  Time Restriction:

1.   No vehicle shall be parked in any municipal parking zone for more than twenty four (24) hours.

2.   No vehicle shall be parked in any municipal parking zones between the hours of two o'clock (2:00) A.M. and five o'clock (5:00) A.M.

3.   No vehicle shall be parked in any of the following municipal parking zones for more than three (3) hours:

Dempster and Austin - north - east and west

Dempster and Birch - north - east and west

Dempster and Fernald - south - east and west

Dempster and Lincoln - south - east and west

Dempster and Major - south - east and west - north - west

Dempster and Mansfield - north - east

Dempster and Mason - north - east and west

Dempster and Meade - north - east

Dempster and Menard - north - east and west

Dempster and New England - north - east and west

Dempster and Parkside - north - east

Dempster and School - south - west

5714 Dempster parking lot

5821 _ 5831 Dempster parking lot

6055 _ 6061 Dempster parking lot

4.   Special permission for extended parking in municipal parking zones may be given by the chief of police or his designee. Any vehicle parked in violation of this section shall be considered an unlawful vehicle and shall be subject in addition to any other penalty to towing pursuant to chapter 7 of this title. (Ord. 12-10, 4-23-2012)

E.  Exemption: Parking shall be allowed in municipal parking zones without the requirement of a payment of a fee each year on the 4th Of July and on other days as designated from time to time by the village administrator.

F.  Vehicles Permitted: Use of municipal parking zones shall be limited to passenger automobiles, and trucks with a passenger or "B" license plate, and in no event shall a commercial or freight carrying vehicle, trailer, or a vehicle exceeding eight feet (8') in width or twenty feet (20') in length including attachments thereto, be parked in a municipal parking zone.

G.  Placements: Parking meters may be installed in a municipal parking zone as established and provided for by ordinance.

H.  Tampering Prohibited: No person shall deface, injure, tamper with, open or wilfully break, destroy or impair the usefulness of any parking meter installed under the provisions of this section.

No person shall deposit any slug, device or other substitute for a coin in any parking meter, or otherwise manipulate, operate, attempt to manipulate or operate in any manner whatsoever any such parking meter with the intent to park in a parking meter zone without paying therefor. (Ord. 10-21, 11-22-2010)

Questions & Answers

My pickup is strictly used as a passenger vehicle. Do I have to park it in my garage overnight?

No, passenger vehicles with no commercial markings or equipment may park in residential driveways or on streets.


I use my “B” plated vehicle for commercial and noncommercial use. May I park it on the street in front of my house overnight?

If your vehicle has commercial markings (a company name, any phone number, logo, etc.) you can not park on a residential street or driveway.


If I do not have a garage may I park my commercial vehicle in my driveway?

No.  You will need to make arrangements to park your vehicle elsewhere.


My pickup truck has a plow attached to the front and a small stor age chest in the bed during the winter season only. Does this prohibit me from parking on a residential street or property ?

Yes.  When a plow or other auxiliary equipment is placed on a vehicle it may not be parked on a residential street or driveway.


My panel van has rear seating and both rear and side windows, may I park it in front of my house?

Yes.  Vehicles with rear seating, a rear window and side windows located adjacent to the rear passenger seats and no commercial markings may park on residential streets and driveways.