Rain Barrel Program Application

The Rain Barrel Program will be ending in December, 2016.

Purpose. The Village is partnering with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) to provide free rain barrels for residents. Rain barrels are a form of green infrastructure that is designed to capture and reuse non-potable rain water. We are pleased to offer up to four free rain barrels to our residents. Please complete the information below needed for delivery.

By completing this application, you consent to (1) allowing MWRD's contractor to access your property for the purpose of delivering the rain barrels and (2) the Village of Morton Grove and MWRD may access your property to conduct a joint annual inspection of the installed rain barrels upon reasonable notice.

Note: Delivery may take up to 12-14 weeks.

WARNING! Please do not use this form to report issues of an emergency nature or for conditions requiring an immediate response. If your issue is an emergency, please use the telephone and dial 911.

* Indicates That This Information is Required.

55 gallon repurposed food grade plastic rain barrel. Includes leaf and mosquito filter basket, spigot/tap , overflow adaptor and overflow hose. Overflow adaptor permits rain barrels to be connected in series. Dimensions are approximately 23 inches wide and 38 inches tall. Weight is approximately 20 lbs.

NOTE: Photos may not match the exact barrel design that will be delivered


The MWRD shall have the right (including any necessary right of access) in conjunction with the Village of Morton Grove to conduct a joint annual inspection of the installed rain barrels upon reasonable notice to the Village and the homeowner(s). The MG resident shall return to the Village all/any rain barrels that were delivered by the District in connection with the Rain Barrel Program but for any reason whatsoever were not installed or were subsequently disconnected from a resident’s home.