Rain Barrel Program

The Rain Barrel Program will be ending in December, 2016.

The Village is partnering with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) to provide free rain barrels for residents. Rain barrels are a form of green infrastructure that is designed to capture and reuse non-potable rain water. Residents may request up to four free rain barrels by completing an online application. Hard copies of the application are available at the Public Works Department (7840 Nagel Avenue). Upon receipt of the order, MWRD’s contractor will deliver the barrels. In order to be eligible for the free rain barrels, residents must agree to connect the barrels to downspouts and provide access for an annual inspection.

Note: Delivery may take up to 12-14 weeks.


Any barrels ordered during July and after will most likely be filled by our new vendor. The new vendor uses both repurposed barrels and barrels made with recycled materials so the barrels will look different from the current square style.

NOTE: Photos may not match the exact barrel design that will be delivered

When the colder weather approaches, residents must disconnect, drain, and store the barrels inside as per the manufacturer’s instructions. They will crack if not stored properly.

More information about rain barrels is available on MWRD's website.