Resident Safety Alert - Ruse Burglaries


“Distraction” or “ruse burglaries” are becoming more common. In this crime, burglars often work in teams and pose as utility workers, door to door salesmen, contractors or municipal workers in order to gain the homeowner’s confidence and entry into a home during daytime hours. Once inside, one burglar keeps the victim busy or distracted while the other steals valuables from another part of the residence.

In recent weeks, several residents have become victims of this scam. In one instance a Hispanic male approximately 5’7”-5’9”, average build knocked on a resident’s door and claimed to work for the Village’s Public Works Department. He did not show the resident any identification, but stated that the resident’s water was contaminated and needed to be checked.  He followed the resident inside and attempted to distract the homeowner by walking fast and turning on facets. After the subject left, the residents discovered they were burglarized.

Please know that Village Public Works employees always carry village issued photo identification cards, and drive in vehicles displaying the Village’s Public Works logo. First responders (police & fire personnel) will be in uniform and have a “marked” emergency vehicle. If a person claims to be a Village employee, but does not have proper identification, or you are suspicious for any reason, do not let the person inside your residence and call 911. Remember: When in doubt, keep them out!


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