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Dempster Street Construction Information

Dempster Street from Ferris to Central
The construction improvements along Dempster Street are in progress. The first principal phase of work, water main installation, is nearly complete. There are on-going and upcoming utility relocations, improvements to the roadway and improvements outside the roadway. A meeting was held with business owners on June 2, 2010. The project team consisting of Village staff, the engineer, and the contractor presented information about how the project will be constructed and how businesses will be impacted by this work. A short explanation of the three principal phases of work for the Dempster Street Improvements is provided below. The Village anticipates the work will be substantially completed in December 2010.

WATER MAIN INSTALLATION: The installation of the 12-inch diameter water main between Lincoln Avenue and Central Avenue is nearly complete. The Village considers this work to have gone smoothly and appreciates your patience and cooperation. This project will be completed before the end of May.

UTILITY RELOCATIONS: Utility relocations by Nicor Gas, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and AT&T will be necessary because the existing utilities need to be moved to avoid conflicts with the proposed roadway and streetscape improvements. The work by ComEd began in May and be completed by the end of June. Nicor intends to begin their work in late-June or early-July.

Nicor intends to replace a 2-inch diameter gas main, from Ferris to Central. The new gas main will be installed, generally, in the alleys north and south of Dempster Street using trenchless technology. The gas meter at the building will be relocated by Nicor from the Dempster Street right-of-way to the rear of the building and connected to the relocated main in the alley. This trenchless technology eliminates the need for a continuous, open excavation in the alley(s). The building service connections will require open cutting and there may be other locations requiring open cutting as well.

ComEd has begun relocating relatively short segments of their overhead and underground utility. ComEd has preliminarily indicated there would be at least one occasion when electrical service will be interrupted over a large area in the vicinity near the intersection of Dempster Street and Austin Avenue. Most businesses, however, will not notice ComEd’s work. ComEd likely perform the work at the same time as Nicor.

AT&T has several underground conflict locations. AT&T will work alongside the Village’s Contractor to resolve the conflicts as they arise. We anticipate no need for significant service interruptions; however, there is always the possibility scheduled service interruptions may be necessary.

ROADWAY AND STREETSCAPE IMPROVEMENTS: The roadway and streetscape improvements are part of a single construction contract and will be the largest part of the Dempster Street improvement project. The work will affect the operations of almost every business along Dempster Street. We provide this information to help you understand the operations of this project and its impact on your business.

The Illinois Department of Transportation has awarded the construction contract to A. Lamp Concrete Contractors, Inc for $4,776,280.20. A Lamp intends to begin work after July 4 and should be substantially completed by December 2010. Tree and flower planting will likely be completed in May 2011.

The roadway and streetscape work will be more complicated than the water main installation and utility relocations. Doorways and driveways along Dempster Street will be affected multiple times. The Village’s project team (i.e. Village staff, engineering consultant and contractor) will coordinate access issues with affected businesses. We will strive to minimize inconvenience to each business, but cooperation from the businesses will be necessary.

A Lamp has indicated they intend to begin the work on the south side of Dempster Street at Ferris and proceed eastward. Once the construction work begins in front of a business, the work may appear to be intermittently completed. A Lamp or one of their subcontractors may work diligently for a day or two in front of a businesses and then the site may appear abandoned for several days. You should expect this to happen. There are many different types of work involved in this project that utilize different labor, materials and equipment. Generally, work in front of any business will begin at the existing sidewalk or pavement surface and is completed vertically downward with demolition, then the work begins moving vertically upward with construction. Underground utility conflicts, inclement weather, unharmonious production rates can impact the overall coordination of completing the work in front of a business. We hope the choreography of the work will appear graceful, harmonious and pleasing and will have unnoticeable effects on the operation of each business. But we also hope the business operator will be patient and cooperative on those occasions when the contractor’s dance looks clumsy and out of rhythm.

The Village considers there to be many different elements of the work, such as curb removal and construction, roadway resurfacing, driveway and sidewalk replacement etc. etc., that will affect business operations to various degrees. Each element will generate various levels of noise, vibration and dust. Nearly all of these operations will hinder, but not eliminate, access to businesses that have a driveway or main building entrance on Dempster Street. A project of this scope and significance, such construction issues will arise. We encourage businesses operators to consider how your business operates and how your business will continue to operate during these times.

The Village has hired an engineering consultant, McDonough Associates, Inc., to provide construction engineering services. These services include documenting and inspecting the work completed by the contractor and to maintain reliable communication between the project team members and the public. McDonough’s representative for this project is Ken Peterson. If you need more information about the Dempster Street Improvements project, you can contact Ken Peterson at 630-689-8743.

Date posted: Thursday, June 17, 2010

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