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2013 Local Debt Recovery Program

Beginning in 2013, the Village of Morton Grove will be partnering with the Office of the Illinois Comptroller to assist in the recovering of outstanding debt owed to the Village. The Comptroller’s Local Debt Recovery Program allows local government entities to submit their outstanding debt to the State and the State then matches the Village’s debtors to those individuals and businesses due to receive monies from the state. Once a Village debtor is matched with the State’s information, the amount of the debt is held for a 60 day period. During this 60 day period, debtors are sent written notification from the State of the debt owed to the Village and the amount of money which is being held. Debtors have this period to contact the Village at a number provided and contest the debt. If, after speaking with the Village, they still believe the debt is not valid, they can contact the State in writing to contest the debt. If the debt is found to be invalid by the Village or State, the money is released back to the individual or company. If, however, the debt is found to be valid by the Village and the State, the held money will be released to the Village after the 60 days to cover the outstanding debt. The Village will be posting a current list of debtors on the Village website so individuals and businesses can check to see if Village records show they owe the Village an outstanding debt. If you would like additional information about the Village’s participation in the Comptroller’s Local Debt Recovery Program please contact Peter Falcone at 847-663-3019 or by email at
Date posted: Monday, December 31, 2012

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