Smart 911


The Village of Morton Grove is now offering enhanced 911 contact with a new service called “Smart 911”. This is a voluntary and free service offered to all residents of the Village. By signing up for Smart 911, citizens are able to proactively provide information to facilitate a fast and accurate response. With Smart 911, a resident is able to create their own Safety Profile. Additionally, the Village will use the Smart 911 registration to notify the subscribers of important Village emergency notifications. The resident chooses what information to include and what details are important to share with first responders. It is important to note that the resulting Safety Profile is private, secure, and only available to 9-1-1 when an emergency call is placed. Interested residents can learn more and/or sign up at The Smart911 app is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Please contact the Morton Grove Police Department (847) 470-5200 if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will signing up with Smart911 negatively impact my 911 service?
No. Participating in the Smart 911 program will not decrease your currentl level of 911 service.

I've signed up for emergency notifications in the past. Do I need to sign up with Smart 911?
Yes. The Village is transitioning away from its previous emergency notification partner to Smart 911. The Smart 911 profile is more complete, more secure, and provides registered users with a higher level of service during 911 emergency or when the Village sends out an emergency notification.

Can the Village register for me?
No. Due to new privacy restrictions, participants will need to sign up themselves and verify their phone numbers.

Is my profile data secure?
Yes. Confidential profile data is only available to 9-1-1 dispatch when an emergency call is placed. Your contact number(s) is only used by community emergency notifications and cannot be viewed for routine matters.

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