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Press Release West Nile Virus (see link below) – Summary - North Shore Mosquito Abatement District (NSMAD) surveillance indicates that the risk from West Nile virus at this time, is at the highest levels since the 2012 outbreak, when 290 Illinoisans, 174 in Cook County, became ill.

The WNV infection rate in mosquitoes collected in District traps during the past week has increased significantly. According to Mark Clifton, Director of the NSMAD, “We are seeing amplified levels of West Nile virus in mosquitoes. The amount of virus we are detecting in mosquitoes is well above the historical average for this time of year and is also occurring earlier in the season than the average. These factors indicate that the risk for human West Nile virus infections is elevated and will likely remain elevated through the remainder of August. Everyone really needs to adopt personal protection behaviors.

WNV positive batches of mosquitoes have been found in NSMAD traps located in every community served. In response to the increase in WNV activity, the NSMAD is increasing adult mosquito control operations throughout the District to augment continued larval mosquito control.


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