Winterizing your Rain Barrel



Do you have a rain barrel or have one on order?

See tips below for preparing barrels for cold weather;

help protect it from cracking and freezing.



Disconnect the rain barrel from the gutter downspout then re-attach the cut portion of your down spout to direct water away from your home and that of your neighbors. If you did not keep this cut portion when installing the rain barrel simply attach a temporary flexible downspout instead.

Drain all water from the rain barrel and hoses and keep the spigot in the open position.

If possible, store the rain barrel away from the elements in a garage, shed or basement.  If you must leave your barrel outside then be sure to turn the barrel upside down in a location where it won't collect water or be blown by high winds. Cover your rain barrel with a tarp for additional protection. This, however, may not necessarily ensure the barrel will still not crack.

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