2023 Crayon & Marker Recycling Program


After a successful 2022 crayon-collection program, the Village is launching the 2023 Crayon & Marker Recycling Program! Crayons and markers are petroleum and plastic products that take many years to break down in landfills. Every year, up to 75,000 pounds of broken crayons are thrown away across the country. Crayola alone manufactures 465 million markers annually.

In an effort to redirect this material from landfills, the Village is pleased to offer its Crayon & Marker Recycling Program. The Village will collect used markers and crayons and send them to SCARCE for recycling.

Bring your crayons and markers to one of our drop-off locations. You can help prep the crayons for recycling by removing their paper wrappers prior to drop-off. Thank you for your efforts to keep crayons and markers out of landfills!


Crayon & Marker Drop-Off

April 1 - June 30, 2023

Morton Grove Village Hall | 6101 Capulina Avenue
Morton Grove Public Library | 6140 Lincoln Avenue

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