A message from Mayor DiMaria and the Village Board

The Village of Morton Grove is an inclusive diverse community. Our residents include families from all over the world. We proudly embrace our diversity, and respect and care about everyone, even if our perspectives may differ.

The recent events in the Mideast are horrific. Many Morton Grove families have connections to both Israel and Palestine and know first-hand the suffering of close friends and family members who just want to live in peace. We acknowledge this is a complicated global crisis, and that people may disagree on the causes of this conflict.

We speak with one voice – we strongly condemn terrorism in all forms. We grieve for the loss of all innocent lives regardless of nationality or religion. We pray for peace and justice throughout the world and ask our international leaders to do what they can to protect all innocent people from any further suffering.

Mayor Daniel P. DiMaria
Clerk Eileen Scanlon Harford
Trustee Saba Khan
Trustee Rita Minx
Trustee Ashur Shiba
Trustee John Thill
Trustee Connie Travis
Trustee Janine Witko

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