Beat the Boot

The Morton Grove Police Department will be reinstating and updating our Boot Program. If you have 5 unpaid parking tickets a letter will be sent to your residence. It will explain what steps need to be completed in order to avoid having a boot put on your vehicle. The boot can be placed on any of the vehicles that you own, not just the vehicle that has the unpaid tickets.

Fees that will be applied:

$500 Administration Fee

$110 fee to install/remove the boot

72 hours after booting the vehicle will be towed, resulting in further towing and storage fees.

To get the boot removed you must pay all fines and fees or pay a bond in amount of fines and go to administrative adjutication hearing.

We urge you to “Beat the Boot” and contact the Village of Morton Grove to pay your outstanding parking tickets.

Please note the majority of the people that are listed in this program have excessive fines.

These unpaid fines may also affect people’s ability to sell their property as the village will not issue a transfer stamp for a property with outstanding fines.

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