The Department of Community and Economic Development reviews building and sign permit applications to ensure compliance with Title 10 and Title 12 (Unified Development Code) of the Morton Grove Municipal Code. The Department also facilitates the review and approval of the following zoning applications:

Please review the Plan Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals 2024 Schedule of Review for upcoming application deadlines.

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) reviews and approves requests for variation to Title 12 (Unified Development Code) of the Morton Grove Municipal Code. Decisions by the Zoning Board of Appeals are final.

The Appearance Commission reviews and approves requests for variation to Title 10, Chapter 10 (Signs) and to Title 12, Chapter 11 (Landscaping and Trees). The Appearance Commission also reviews and approves facade and landscape plans required for certain development projects.

The Plan Commission reviews all other zoning applications and provides a recommendation to the Board of Trustees, the final decision-making body. Appearance Commission and Traffic Safety Commission reviews may be required for certain applications.

The Department recommends contacting staff prior to the submission of any application.

Zoning Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are the setback requirements and height limitations for my single-family detached home? See Section 12-4-2:D for height and bulk regulations for the Village's residential districts. You can determine your zoning district using the Community Portal.
  • What are the dimensional requirements for attached and detached accessory structures, such as garages, decks, driveways, and patios? See Section 12-2-5 and Section 12-2-6 for regulations applicable to attached and detached accessory structures. Additional restrictions may apply.
  • Where can I install fencing on my property and what are the height and transparency requirements? See Section 12-3-5 for the Village's fencing regulations.
  • Can I park my recreational or commercial vehicle on my residential lot? See Section 12-3-3 for regulations applicable to recreational and commercial vehicle parking on residential lots.

Zoning Map

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