Liquor License

The sale, distribution, and dispensing of liquor is a privilege in Morton Grove that requires a great deal of responsibility and full compliance with the law. Any business that sells, dispenses, offers, or distributes liquor (including beer and wine) is required to hold a valid liquor license. The types of liquor licenses available to Morton Grove businesses are listed and defined under Section 4-6D-8 of the Morton Grove Municipal Code and include:

  • Class A, full liquor
  • Class A-V, full liquor and video gaming
  • Class B, beer/wine
  • Class C, club consumption on premises
  • Class C-V, club consumption on premises and video gaming
  • Class D, full package sale
  • Class E, restaurant, full liquor
  • Class E-V, restaurant, full liquor and video gaming
  • Class F, food/specialty stores, full package sale
  • Class G, special event
  • Class H, caterers, full liquor
  • Class I, caterers, beer/wine
  • Class J, off premises sales
  • Class K, tasting permit
  • Class L, BYOB permit
  • Class M, microbrew pub
  • Class M-V, microbrew pub and video gaming
  • Class N, Video gaming cafe
  • Class O, outdoor patio
  • Class P, outdoor temporary market
  • Class Q, hotel
  • Class R, complimentary service

In addition to an initial application fee, the holder of a liquor license must pay an annual license fee. The Village retains the privilege to limit the number of each type of license available. Liquor licenses may not be sold or otherwise transferred.

Liquor Regulations

To apply for a liquor license, contact the Administrator’s Office at 847-663-3061.

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