Facade Improvement Program

Beginning June 2014, the Village is offering façade improvement grants for all commercial properties in the Village. The program seeks to revitalize the commercial districts by encouraging investment with a public/private partnership. This grant can be used to improve the exterior storefront and signage of commercial buildings. Click here for full details and program guidelines.

What is a façade?
A façade is the exterior storefront of a commercial building.

What are the benefits of this Program to the Community?
Communities implement a façade program to help create a more dynamic atmosphere for customers by assisting businesses/owners revitalize their building storefronts. This type of program enhances the appearance of a shopping district and helps attract new customers. It also acts as a tool to attract new businesses while assisting existing businesses improve their storefront, add artistic features associated with their brand, increase store appeal, and add value to the shopping experience. Visually appealing storefronts contribute positively to the streetscape and help create a more walkable atmosphere for customers to enjoy.

How does the Program work?
The FIP is a matching grant program for all Morton Grove businesses. For businesses/owners in a general commercial district, the maximum project grant award is $10,000. For businesses/owners located in a TIF District (Lehigh/Ferris, Dempster/Waukegan, & Waukegan Rd), the maximum project grant award is $15,000 for rehab work and $10,000 for new construction.

Are you ready to apply?
If your business is prepared to partner with the Village:

  1. Take a look at the program flyer. Find out if your potential improvements qualify.
  2. Review the program guidelines. The guidelines provide a detailed explanation of the project requirements, eligibility and grant distribution.
  3. Complete your application.
  4. Read, complete and sign the participation agreement.
  5. Submit 10 hard copies of your complete application to Village Hall and one electronic copy to commdev@mortongroveil.org.

If you need to schedule a meeting to discuss your application or have any questions, contact the Community and Economic Development Department at 847-470-5220…. commdev@mortongroveil.org

Awarded Facade Improvement Project

The Village is proud to have partnered with businesses that are investing in their long-term success in Morton Grove. To date, Equipment International and State Farm both renovated their storefront with new signs and siding to increase the curb appeal of their business. To view their projects, click here.

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