Coming Together 2022

Coming Together 2022: Sharing Experiences of Disability

Each year since 2010, Coming Together has highlighted a different topic, with an emphasis on literacy, cross-cultural awareness, and community-building in Morton Grove and neighboring communities to build bridges of knowledge and understanding among people of different groups and ages. The 2022 Coming Together initiative focuses on Sharing Experiences of Disability.

For nearly one out of every five Illinois residents, disability of some kind is a part of everyday life. Yet, the experiences of people with disabilities are often missing from our community stories. In collaboration with community members and expert organizations, the 2022 Coming Together season will bring focus to the voices, experiences, and talents of members of the disability community across Niles Township, as well as advocacy and support resources available to all community members. Through multimedia texts and a variety of public events, we will explore four broad categories of disabilities: learning disabilities, physical disabilities, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and mental health disabilities.

Coming Together is a community partnership in Niles Township among organizations in Morton Grove , Skokie, Lincolnwood, and Niles.

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