Don’t Flush Wipes, Paper Towels

With the shortage of toilet paper amid the current coronavirus concerns, some may be opt to use paper towel or baby wipes instead. The Morton Grove Department of Public Works urges residents not to flush these alternatives to toilet paper down the toilet.

The Morton Grove sanitary sewer system accommodates toilet paper, which is made to disintegrate quickly in water. However, wipes, diapers and other materials, which do not break down as readily, can clog homeowner sanitary lines and Village sanitary sewer mains.  That could result in sewer backups into the homes of residents or neighbors.

Wipes, paper towels, baby wipes, napkins, tissue and other non-toilet paper products do not break down like toilet paper, and can clog sanitary sewer systems.  This includes products that are labeled as "Disposable or Flushable."

If residents have no choice but to use alternatives to toilet paper, these alternative products should instead be placed in a bag and disposed of with your garbage.  Only flush toilet paper.

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