Easing Masking and Proof of Vaccination/COVID Testing

Easing Masking and Proof of Vaccination/COVID Testing – Effective Monday, February 28, 2022

After reviewing recently released guidance and recommendations from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH), Mayor Dan DiMaria has directed Village staff that masks and face coverings will no longer be required for the general public in any Village-owned public places. To maintain consistency with Cook County and the State of Illinois, this directive will be effective on February 28, 2022, and includes the suspension of CCDPH Mitigation Order 2021-11.

Mayor DiMaria stated, “The available COVID related statistics for Morton Grove have been improving consistently since mid-January.  The specific metrics used by IDPH and CCDPH confirm that the local and regional trends make this a step forward toward normalcy.”  He also added that, “Residents should feel free to wear face coverings in public and make vaccination decisions appropriate to their personal health needs and with advice from their health care provider.”

The metrics monitored by CCDPH include:

  • Sustained improvement in hospital and ICU bed availability with decreased admissions for COVID
  • Decreased case rates to a moderate level per CDC criteria (10-49.99 cases/100,000 population) for a sustained period
  • Decreased case positivity rate to a moderate level per CDC criteria (5-7.99%) for a sustained period

While the relaxation of mask mandates in public places continues to increase in the area, Village employees engaged in the delivery of health care services to the public (i.e. ambulance/EMS response and specific police activities) will continue to wear face coverings.

The suspension of indoor mask and vaccination requirements also will extend to businesses in Cook County beginning on February 28, 2022.  Consequently, restaurants, fitness and indoor recreation facilities, public venues, etc. will no longer be required to check individual’s vaccination status prior to public entry.  Schools, public transportation, health care facilities and other specialized businesses may continue to require mask and vaccination compliance based upon other Federal, State or County requirements.

The CCDPH also reassured the public that they will continue to monitor COVID-19 metrics in our area and may recommend additional mitigation measures in the future if the healthcare system is overwhelmed or if transmission rate increases warrant such action.

Additional guidance regarding State mask and vaccine requirements can be found at: https://dph.illinois.gov/covid19/community-guidance/face-covering-vaccination-requirements.html

COVID-19 mitigation guidance from CCDPH can be found at: https://cookcountypublichealth.org/communicable-diseases/covid-19/mitigation-guidance/#

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