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Environment & Natural Resources Commission

The Environment and Natural Resources Commission (ENRC) assists the Village Board’s efforts to promote the conservation, preservation, improvement, and protection of the environment and natural resources of the Village. The Commission meets on the first Monday of every other month beginning in February at 6:00 p.m. at Village Hall (6101 Capulina Avenue). Information on the ENRC's many programs, initiatives, and events is provided below.

2024 Sustainability Expo & Recycling Fest



Spring is just around the corner and SWANCC offers an Eco-Landscaping Guide to assist homeowners, municipalities, and businesses with healthier options to maintain lawns and outdoor green spaces. The guide presents resources to encourage people to use alternatives to conventional lawn care methods and chemicals. The way one cares for an outdoor space is a choice that has effects far beyond property lines. Yards are our outdoor homes and provide great spaces for playing and relaxing. Over the years, lawns have been managed in a reactive or conventional way by applying fertilizer and weed killer.

Decision makers now have choices for cultivating and maintaining their property with organic or natural methods - a proactive approach to managing lawns and turf.

Morton Grove Sustainability Expo & Recycling Fest

The ENRC and Village host the annual Morton Grove Sustainability Expo & Recycling Fest. This free, family-friendly event features exhibits from local businesses and organizations that are providing greener services, ideas, and opportunities to Morton Grove residents and businesses. The Recycling Fest helps divert a variety of waste types from landfills. Check out this video from the 2021 Sustainability Expo and be sure to attend this year's event.

Recycling Resources

SWANCC staff receive inquiries from residents asking how to manage items that have reusability, recyclability, or the need for proper disposal. "Recycling Right Matters" is a 10-minute informational video about residential curbside recycling, including acceptable materials, how to prepare materials, technology that sorts materials products that are made from recycled materials, what NOT to put in your recycling cart, and where to take items for donation, disposal, or special collection. If you would like more information about recycling, see the Agency's FAQs.

Tree Resources

Morton Grove’s tree canopy is a critical part of local infrastructure and the community. Trees beautify Village streets, shade homes and businesses, enhance property values, reduce stormwater runoff and local flooding, improve air and water quality, provide habitat for wildlife, create buffering between land uses, and improve overall quality of life for residents. Morton Grove’s canopy is made up of all trees located within the Village’s municipal boundary, including trees on public streets, in public parks, in the forest preserves, and on private property. These trees offer a myriad of benefits and are a source of local pride. Learn more about the benefits of trees and what you can do to take care of the trees in your community at the Village's Morton Grove Trees webpage.

For Kids!

Engaging kids in sustainability efforts is crucial for shaping a future where they understand and value environmental responsibility, ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come. Download the Earth Month Activity Book to celebrate Earth Month and get kids thinking about the importance of caring for our Earth.

Morton Grove Sustainability Plan

Village staff, the Environment and Natural Resources Commission (ENRC), and Village partners continue to work collaboratively to implement the Morton Grove Sustainability Plan. The Village Board adopted the Plan in January 2021 as a guide to the Village’s efforts toward creating a more sustainable community and region from 2020 to 2030.

Thank You, Volunteers!

On behalf of Mayor DiMaria and the Environment and Natural Resources Commission (ENRC), we want to extend a big THANK YOU to all those who have participated in our past events. By generously volunteering your time and energy, you have helped to create a cleaner and more sustainable community for us all. We appreciate your efforts. If you are interested in signing up to volunteer at future events, please sign up at

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