Fall Leaf Collection


The Public Works Department will begin the annual Fall Leaf collection service, starting on October 26, 2020 and running until December 4, 2020.

We request residents to place leaves in the street by the curb and away from parked cars the day before your regularly scheduled street sweeping and refuse pick-up day.

DO NOT include other landscaping debris or branches in leaf piles. These items damage equipment and cause delays in completing leaf
collection. The Village will only pick up leaves. Residents are cautioned NOT to park vehicles on top of leaf piles. Many parts on the underside of a vehicle specifically the exhaust system, generate a great amount of heat, which could ignite the leaves.

If residents choose to place leaves in containers for collection with their regular refuse (Groot), the following procedures should be followed:
• A dedicated 34 gallon can or biodegradable yard waste paper bag must be used. Please refrain from using plastic bags for yard waste.
• Each container or branch bundle must have a yard waste sticker attached to it.

Groot's yard waste collection will continue through December 15, 2020.

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