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Properly installed smoke alarms along with ensuring they are in proper working order is an important step to making your home and family safer from fire.

It is important to have enough smoke alarms in your home. Fire research has demonstrated that with today’s modern furnishings, fires can spread much more rapidly than in the past when more natural materials were used. Because of this, having a sufficient number of properly located smoke alarms is essential to maximize the amount of available escape time.

"Be Alarmed!" is a fire safety education and smoke alarm installation program administered cooperatively between the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance (IFSA) and the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM). The program distributes fire safety education materials and 10-year sealed battery ionization technology smoke alarms to fire departments in the state of Illinois. The fire departments then deliver the education and install smoke alarms in residential dwellings within their communities. Although this program is available to residential dwelling only, The Morton Grove Fire Department will be happy to assist or direct landlords and businesses with any compliance questions or concerns.

The Morton Grove Fire Department is excited to take part in the “Be Alarmed” program. It is our goal to ensure that all residents of Morton Grove are adequately protected by the proper quantity and installation of residential smoke alarms. What is more exciting is that the program is FREE to eligible residential dwellings. It is simple to enroll in the program and smoke alarm installation is provided by the Morton Grove Firefighters – FREE!

How to Enroll

Enrolling is simple:
Complete and submit an electronic application by clicking on this link.


Download, print, and complete the installation form. The completed form can be dropped off or mailed to the Morton Grove Fire Department located at 6250 Lincoln Avenue. Once the application is received you will be contacted by a Morton Grove Fire Department representative to discuss, plan and schedule your smoke alarm(s) installation. THAT’S IT!

What to Expect

Smoke alarm installations will be scheduled as planned with the resident. In most cases, the installation will be performed by on-duty firefighters. When the firefighters arrive at your location to perform an installation they will arrive in an emergency vehicle, in uniform, and with proper identification. Installers will discuss the intended installation needs and locations with you prior to beginning the installations. They will also provide education on smoke alarm maintenance, home fire safety, and home fire escape planning. Once the installations are completed, the firefighters are required to complete a brief Installation Survey with the resident.

**Please understand that because the installations will be performed by on-duty firefighters, emergency calls will take precedent over the installation and may delay or create the need to reschedule an installation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – I already have a smoke detector so how can I benefit from the “Be Alarmed” program?
A – Smoke alarms have an expiration date, currently every 10 years. Enrolling in the program will afford an opportunity to have your detectors dates checked and current recommendations provided.

Q - How many smoke alarms can I have installed?
A – The Illinois State Statute states that you should include a smoke alarm:

  • Outside of every sleeping area.
  • On every level of the home (including basement).

Q – What type of smoke alarm will be installed with the program?
A – A 10-year sealed battery ionization technology smoke alarm with hush button. These detectors are generally more responsive to flaming fires. Since these detectors are a sealed battery style there is no need to worry about replacing the battery. After 10 years, however, the detector will need to be replaced.

Q – Are there different types of smoke alarms besides the ionization type?
A – Yes. Different types of alarms are available for different applications. For example, photoelectric detectors, which are generally more responsive to slow moving or smoldering fires. Interconnected detectors communicate with each other – if one detector activates all of the detectors that are interconnected will activate as well. Combination detectors include carbon monoxide detection in addition to smoke detection. These types of detectors are not included in the “Be Alarmed” program.

Q – I have hard-wired detectors. Are they included in the “Be Alarmed” program?
A – No. These detectors need to be wired to the house wiring.

Q – What if I prefer to use a different type of detector in my home?
A – If you choose to use a different type of detector you can still enroll in the “Be Alarmed” program. The Morton Grove Fire Department will be happy to assist you with the installation. The detector(s) would need to be purchased and provided by the resident.

Q – What if I have expired hard wired detectors?
A –You can still enroll in the “Be Alarmed” program. The Morton Grove Fire Department will be happy to assist you with the installation. The detector(s) would need to be purchased and provided by the resident. The detector would also need to be direct plug in to the home wiring and not require wiring retrofitting or modification.

Q – How long will the installation take?
A – It will depend on how much planning is necessary and how many detectors will need to be installed. It is anticipated to take approximately 10 minutes per detector.

Q – Can I pick up a smoke alarm and installed it myself?
A –The way the program has been designed the detectors cannot be handed out. They MUST be installed by a representative of the Morton Grove Fire Department.

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