Green Energy Enrollment Notices: Delayed Mail Delivery


Notices regarding the Village’s new Green Energy electric aggregation program were mailed on September 10 to all residents and small business owners. As of September 28, the US Postal Service has not delivered them. Further, our supplier Eligo Energy reports the USPS has not updated its tracking service despite multiple requests.

Some of the residents’ electric accounts will remain with ComEd as their supplier and other residents’ will be enrolled with Eligo Energy as their supplier.

For accounts that will be enrolled with Eligo Energy, the only change these customers will see is the new supplier name. ComEd will continue to service all accounts and billing. The Eligo Energy electric rate is contractually guaranteed to match the ComEd rate. Accounts will be enrolled with Eligo Energy automatically unless customers choose to “opt out” before October 7.

Because notices have not yet been delivered, we have established a process whereby you may request a digital printer’s proof of the notice that was mailed to you. Simply provide the name as listed on your ComEd account plus the service or billing address and email to You will receive an email response with a template of the specific notice mailed to you.

In summary:

  • If your account is shown to remain with ComEd as your supplier, no action is required.
  • If your account is served by another contract or solar panels, no action is required.
  • If your account is shown to be enrolled with Eligo Energy as your supplier, the enrollment is automatic unless you choose to “opt out” before October 7.

Although the opt-out period has been extended to October 7, please know you may vacate the program at any time during the 12-month term at no cost. Whether your supplier will be Eligo or remain at ComEd, there is zero financial impact to you as the program is priced exactly at the ComEd rate. The community benefit is 50% Renewable energy at zero added cost.

If you want to opt out of the Green Energy electric aggregation program, simply call Eligo Energy at 847-232-1513, Mon-Fri, 8a to 6p.

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