Limited Morton Grove French Market to Open June 6 with Restrictions


Bensidoun USA is currently managing the Morton Grove French Market. Numerous precautions are in place to protect the health of shoppers and vendors, including booth spacing, one-way aisles, social distancing requirements, limits on occupancy levels and transaction methods. The market will be open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Saturday in the parking lot located next to the American Legion Memorial Civic Center (6140 Dempster), with the hour between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. reserved for seniors and those with underlying health conditions.

The market is being provided as a venue to obtain fresh foods directly from vendors, and the types of items being sold will be limited to produce, plants, flowers, bakery items and specialty foods that are shelf-stable, and vendors supplying items allowed under the state guidelines as essential items. Visitors will not be able to congregate with others or stay to socialize; and food will not be allowed to be consumed on site.

Both vendors and shoppers will need to follow these specific health and safety measures developed in accordance with the Governor’s current Executive Order, the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the Cook County Health Department:

  • Stay at home if you are sick.
  • Face covering or mask is required.
  • When possible, send just one family member/person to market. No family groups.
  • 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. is reserved for the at-risk population (seniors age 65+ and those with underlying health conditions). Anyone within the at-risk population should visit between these times or stay home.
  • No dogs or animals will be allowed unless they are service animals.
  • Pre-order food items if vendors offer services. The Virtual French Market on Bensidoun’s website has more than 100 vendors providing items that can be pre-ordered.
  • There will be one entrance and one exit to the market on north end of the parking lot. The market will operate in a one-way direction marked by arrows on the ground.
  • Maintain at least an arm’s length distance between other shoppers and vendors. Lines showing a 6-foot distance between shoppers will be provided.
  • No hand-to-hand contact will be allowed between vendors and shoppers.
  • When purchasing an item, point to the product that you would like and allow vendors to bag and set it down on table before picking up.
  • Quickly move through the market, pick up items, and depart.
  • Limit interactions as much as possible. Please no hugs or handshakes.
  • Pay with credit or debit when possible. If you must pay with cash, please note that vendors may not be able to give change in an effort to lessen contact.
  • No consumption of food will be allowed on site.
  • No congregating of any form will be allowed.
  • Maximum occupancy is 90 people at one time.

The provided protocols may be revised throughout the season based on our region’s progress through Restore Illinois. Please direct questions to the French Market organizer, Bensidoun USA, at

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