Morton Grove – Niles Water Commission receives the 2019 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

The Morton Grove - Niles Water Commission received the 2019 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award for a project ranging from $35M to $100M from the Illinois Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers. This prestigious honor  is awarded annually to an engineering Project which best exemplifies new or innovative application of technology, resourcefulness in solving complex problems, and environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

The Morton Grove- Niles Water Commission (“MGNWC”) was established in 2017 to provide Morton Grove and Niles with a long-term supply of top-quality Lake Michigan water at better and more stable prices than the rate charged by the City of Chicago. The MGNWC selected Evanston as its supplier because of the city’s 100 plus year track record of supplying safe high-quality Lake Michigan water to residents of Evanston, Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Des Plaines, Palatine, Skokie, and Wheeling. The MGNWC negotiated a 50-year agreement with Evanston at an initial rate approximately 75% less than Chicago’s. Future rate increases were stabilized at approximately 2% a year. The MGNWC then  designed and built new water-mains, pump stations and a water standpipe to deliver the water to both communities. Outdated infrastructure was replaced or rebuilt , including over 9.5 miles of new water mains,  and over 10 miles of resurfaced streets in, Morton Grove, Niles and Skokie. The Project‘s $100 million cost were financed through low-interest loans from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and long-term bonds with a net interest rate of 2.8% payable over 30 years. General Village revenues will NOT be used to pay this debt. The loans will be paid by water customers as part of the water rate which is less than the Chicago rate.

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