News from the Northshore Mosquito Abatement District

With warmer weather fast approaching, mosquitoes will not be far behind. This is a reminder to residents that the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District (NSMAD) provides their services at no cost to residents.

Service Requests

Did you know that you can contact the NSMAD directly if you are experiencing mosquito related issues? Whether it’s biting mosquitoes, standing water (at least three days), a neglected swimming pool or other water feature, you can request a service visit from one of their Field Technicians. Even if you’re not sure if the insects you’re being pestered by are mosquitoes, an NSMAD Field Tech will assess the property and the surrounding area and eliminate breeding sources or treat them with a larval control product. Removing or treating breeding sources will minimize, if not eliminate, the need for adult mosquito control treatments, which are a short-term solution at best. NSMAD staff will provide you with information about what they find, the treatment performed and how to help minimize or eliminate future mosquito breeding issues. Before you hire a company to spray, contact the NSMAD first.

Tire Collections

Residents can contact the NSMAD to arrange for the pick-up of up to four passenger or light truck tires from your property so that they can be disposed of properly. Improperly discarded or stored used tires can become breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Click here to go directly to the NSMAD’s Service Request form on their website or call 847-446-9434.

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