Water and Sewer System

When problems are encountered with the water or sewer system, one of  the most confusing areas for property owners is where their responsibility ends and the Village's begins.


Residents are responsible for any water service connections from their home to the B-box (Buffalo Box or shut off valve) located in the parkway. The Village will maintain the water main, fire hydrants and the portion of the service located from the B-box to the water main.

Residents that have underground sprinkling systems must have cross-control (AKA backflow prevention, RPZ) devices installed on the underground sprinkler systems. Cross-control devices must be inspected and tested by a licensed cross-control connection inspector each year.


The property owner is responsible for all maintenance and repair of the sewer line that runs from their building/home to the sewer main in the Village right-of-way. The Department of Public Works maintains and repairs all Village catch basins along with the storm, sanitary or combination systems. The Village also repairs blockages and damage to the main sewer system.

The Village continues to study and improve the sewer system, but we need the property owner's assistance to maximize  these efforts. Property owners can help by ensuring that their downspouts and sump pumps are disconnected from the sanitary sewer or combined sewer system. When illegally connected to either of these sewer systems, downspouts and/or sump pumps are significant contributors to system backups. Understanding Basement Backups. Instead, downspouts and sump pumps should discharge onto the ground. This delays the entry of the storm water into the sewer systems and helps prevent the systems from backing up. Great care needs to be taken to ensure these discharges do not cross property lines causing neighboring properties to develop problems.

If you need additional information concerning the sewer systems of  the Village, please contact the Department of Public Works, they will be happy to assist you.


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