Adopt A Planter Program

The Community Relations Commission invites all Village residents and businesses to participate in the Village’s 2019 Winter Adopt A Planter Program.  Individuals, families, organizations, businesses and other groups may sign up to “adopt” one of the large Village planters located at the train station and, Civic Center, and along Dempster Street from Central to Lehigh Avenue, and along Waukegan Road. Participants in the Summer Program will be given priority to adopt their same planter and businesses will be given priority to adopt the planter closest to their store or office.

The Village will provide each participant with a starter kit of assorted evergreen boughs which they will use to decorate their planter along with decorations and other greenery they provide. Participants should pick up their kits at the Civic Center on Saturday December 7, 2019 from noon to 2:30 pm. Planters should be decorated the same day. Watch this clip to give you an idea how to plant the planters. The planter will include a sign indicating the name of the participant. You will be notified before the planters are cleared for the season. Please take the opportunity to remove your decorations and personal items.

Adopting a planter is an excellent way to show your pride in our community and will help keep the Village beautiful. Your dedication will be recognized by the Village Board and appreciated by the community. Interested persons should sign up before November 30, 2019.  Registration forms are available by clicking here.

The Community Relations Commission is comprised of Village residents who volunteer their time to foster and improve relations among individuals of all races, religions, national origins and economic backgrounds.

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