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Search the Community Portal by address to view a variety of information related to your property, including school districts, local services, government representatives, zoning, and property taxes.

Map Gallery

Map Description
Transportation Map Streets, transit, and public amenities
Zoning Map Zoning districts
School District Map Elementary and high school districts and school locations
Tree Map Street tree inventory
Sewer Outfall Map Sewer system outfalls
Street Sweeping & Leaf Pick-Up Map Street sweeping and leaf pick-up services by day
Garbage Pick-Up Map Garbage pick-up service by day
Senate District Map Senate districts
Congressional District Map Congressional districts
House of Representatives District Map House of Representatives districts
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts
TIF District Map - Sawmill Station Sawmill Station TIF District - Established 2019
TIF District Map - Lehigh/Ferris Lehigh/Ferris TIF District - Established 2000, amended 2021
TIF District Map - Lincoln/Lehigh Lincoln/Lehigh TIF District - Established 2021

GIS in Morton Grove

The Village of Morton Grove uses a geographic information system (GIS) for mapping and analyzing data. In 2003, the Village joined the GIS Consortium, a broad group of Chicagoland municipalities unified by the common goal of sharing resources, information, staffing, and technology. This technology helps the Village of Morton Grove automate and improve traditional processes, including mapping incidents, supporting infrastructure systems, and centralizing project management.

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