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State of Illinois Stay at Home Order

Governor Pritzker issued a state-wide “Stay at Home” Order, which took effect Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 5 P.M. and will last through April 7. The order requires all Illinois residents to stay in their home or place of residence. Individuals may only leave their residence to perform essential activities. “Essential activities” are activities for health and safety; for necessary supplies and services; for outdoor activity; for certain types of work; and, to take care of others.
Businesses and activities that may continue include: stores that sell groceries; food production and agriculture; organizations that provide charitable and social services; media; gas stations and businesses needed for transportation; financial institutions; hardware and supply stores; critical trades; mail, post, shipping, logistics and delivery services; educational institutions (for the purposes of facilitating distance learning); laundry services; restaurants for off-premises consumption; supplies to work from home; supplies for essential businesses and operations; transportation; home-based care and services; residential facilities and shelters; professional services; day care centers for employees exempted by this order; manufacturing, distribution and supply chain for critical products and industries; critical labor union functions; hotels and motels; and, funeral services..
Businesses that are allowed to stay open must take proactive measures in maintaining social distancing. These measures may include, where possible: designating six-foot distance; providing hand sanitizer and sanitizing products; separating operating hours for vulnerable populations; and providing online and remote access for employees..
This order allows for the continuation of essential Village services including police, fire, EMS, public works, building department inspections and permits, bill payments, issuance of real estate transfer stamps and regular garbage collection.
Read the full Stay at Home Order here.
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