Winter 2020 Adopt-A-Planter Thank You

The Community Relations Commission would like to thank all the participants in the Winter 2020 Adopt-a-Planter Program! During these trying times, we appreciate the community spirit that came together to beautify our Village for the holiday season. Our Village planters look better than ever!

Thank you to:

Girl Scouts Troop #47108
Safiya Hedayat Girl Scout Troop 43116 and Hasan Hedayat Boy Scout Troop 228
Cub Scout Pack 228
Girl Scout Troop 41698
Park View Troop 45250
Clerk Scanlon Harford & Family
Garden Club of Morton Grove
Team Diaz Zootcuts Family  Hair
The Block Family
Susan Cipriani/Gross
Trace’s Tree
The Johnson Family
The Jim Beck Family
Trustee Rita & Park Commissioner Paul Minx
The Kruchten Family
The Flores Family
Sol Family
Dounis Family
Yuen Family
Macejak Family
Identity Performing Arts
Maj Rivera Family
Rick and Christy Krier
Lifeway Foods
LAZ Cosmetics
Morse Family
Esther Insun Kim DDS LTD
Kohl family
Bencivenga Family
Century 21 Marino/Affiliated
The Monterola Family
Rodgers Family
The Wilson Family
Mohamedi and Tayabee Family

Kintner Family
Nea Maya Real Estate & Development LLC
Patrick, Sue, Jack and Blue Marron
Melissa Heneghan
Northshore Faucets
The Shimon Family
Brunner Family
Elmdale Partners
The Heuer Family
Camila Reyes
The Goodchild Family
The Heger Family
The Wenger Family
The Haskos Family
B. Stromberg Construction Co., Inc.
Pimentel Family
Hofeld Family
MG Women Who Drink Tea
Frisch Family
Kruk Family
The Fabian-Zeidman Moffitt Family
Joe Uhrik
Chicago Transportation Company
The Nevica Project
Pauline Mazur
Rizzo Hoffman & Family
Maton Molitor Family
The Jamruszka’s Leigh Ann and Nick Janowiak
The Mueller’s
Magnelli Family
Sander Family
Riley, Rose, Morgan, and Baby Missing
Lincoln, Woody, and Teddy Rathunde
Ash O’Connor
Giovanni & Maxwell's Tree

Mary Lou Scinto Allen/Coldwell Banker Realty
Diane Durkin
Andrew Braje
Xylem, Inc
Partnership Financial Credit Union
Rebecca and John Gacki
The Lear Family Mersch Family
The Baig Family
Colleen Donahue
GROoVEy Gardeners
Ann Donovan
Rigney Family
The Davis Family
Chavez-Burga Family
The Diaz Family
The Krakau Family
The Zehner Family
The Jackson Family
Holiday Home Creative
The Jost Family
Hajlije Dragovic-Memia Family
Memory of Gloria Falkovitz
McKittrick-Runk Family
The Lawrence Family
Keith & Joan White
John and Volha Liston
The Janssens
Quintero Family
Radoescu's Family
The Litniti Family
The Moulopoulos Family
Musielski Family

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