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The Village’s Administrative Adjudication Hearing process is a quasi-judicial tribunal for the expedient, independent, and impartial adjudication of Village Code violations.

An Administrative Hearing is a civil, not criminal proceeding. Cases are punishable by fines and a variety of other penalties, but not by jail time. The process is more streamlined than a judicial court and typically is more time and cost effective for all parties involved. Strict and often complex rules of evidence and procedure are not applicable.

Cases are heard by an administrative hearing officer who is an experienced attorney and has completed state mandated training to impartially render decisions in a professional, courteous, and fair manner. The Hearing Officer is not a Village employee and his/her compensation is not dependent on the outcome of any hearing.

If a fine is listed on the citation and the citation does not state that the defendant must attend the hearing, the defendant may choose to resolve the citation by paying the fine indicated on the citation. Fines can be paid in person at Village Hall, by mail to 6101 Capulina Avenue, Morton Grove Illinois or through the Village’s online payment portal.

As an alternative to attending the hearing, a defendant may contest a citation without a formal hearing by downloading this form and emailing the completed form along with any supporting documentation to [email protected].

For more information about the Adjudication Hearing process, please call  847-663-3003 or  send an email to [email protected].

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