Snow Shoveling and Lawncare Program

Village of Morton Grove
Snow Shoveling and Lawncare Program

We are continuing to accept and process new resident requests although our volunteers for this season appear to be at full capacity and unable to assist additional residents. We are hoping to gain more volunteers over time.

Are you looking for assistance with snow removal or lawncare? Or are you hoping to find a way to connect with your neighbors to offer your assistance shoveling or mowing lawns?

Those seeking help and individuals who would like to volunteer are encouraged to sign up for the Village of Morton Grove’s Snow Shoveling and Lawncare Program. This service connects residents who are unable to shovel or mow their lawn with volunteers who are willing to provide snow shoveling or lawncare services. Volunteers are needed for the remainder of 2021-2022 and for 2022-2023.

Morton Grove residents often request assistance during harsh winters for snow shoveling; when volunteers submit their contact information to the program list, Morton Grove residents can be provided with a complete list of available volunteers in their area upon request. The resident is responsible for contacting volunteers from the list provided to them by the Village and for scheduling services directly with the volunteer. The volunteer is responsible for communicating with residents, completing the task or notifying the resident if they are unable to complete the task.

To Register for Assistance:

Seniors or individuals with disabilities can register for the program by filling out the online request form or printing and mailing a completed paper request (PDF). If you have questions, call 847-663-3070.

After registering, an employee from the Village of Morton Grove will be reaching out to confirm receipt.

*Please note that landlords may not use this program as a way of circumventing Village requirements regarding snow removal on rental properties. Individuals found to be misusing the Village’s Snow Shoveling and Lawncare Program by providing inaccurate information regarding their eligibility for assistance will be banned from future use. *


The Village of Morton Grove is looking to connect individuals who are willing to help shovel sidewalks and driveways or mow lawn to seniors and individuals with disabilities in Morton Grove. This referral service will link volunteers who will shovel and residents who are unable to shovel. The volunteers’ contact information will be provided to the resident and the resident is responsible for contacting the volunteer.  Remember, this is a free service and there should be no exchange of money and/or goods.

To volunteer, please complete the online registration form or mail in completed paper request (PDF). 

After submitting this form, an employee from the Village of Morton Grove will be reaching out to confirm receipt.

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